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Vacuum Defense - A base defense shooter without shooting, but the exact opposite.

You play as a lonely Vacuum Cleaner, which suddenly gets attacked by hordes of zombies and has to defend itself to the death.

In this game, you don't shoot bullets, to defend yourself from zombies, but rather suck giant rocks towards yourself to hit zombies with them.

The game features a high-score system which grants you points for killing zombies (duh).

There are two possible ways to suck rocks towards the vacuum cleaner.

You can use your default suck by pressing the LEFT MOUSE button, to slowly move rocks towards the vacuum and navigate them around.

For more power, you can additionally press SPACE, to activate the Ultra Suck Mode. In this mode, rocks get sucked towards the vacuum much faster, but with a lot less control.

I hope you have fun trying the game out!

Install instructions

To install, run the installer, select a destination folder and click install. Done :)


Vacuum Defense Installer (x64).exe 19 MB

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